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"Virtual" Training

Virtual training is the fastest and most effective way of achieving your fitness aims!  Current members login ABOVE with the username/password I've provided!  Inquiring members read below:

With Virtual Training, our monthly sessions together will be focused on education, efficiency, and training!  Typically only ONE in-person meeting/consultation is required each month.  But I will still write you a comprehensive exercise program customized to your needs and abilities for you to workout on your own for the ENTIRE month.  

You will have access to video clips of your exercises, graphs of your results and helpful tips & reminders to keep you on track as part of my virtual personal training service.

Would you like to have your personal trainer be there for you 24/7? Maybe not, but you can certainly have the benefit of my knowledge and support any time of the day, when you sign up for virtual training.

For a very affordable cost I will set you up with your own secure page on my website where you can view your program and print summaries to take with you to the gym.

You and I can both view your training history, monitor your progress and keep you moving along the path to optimum health and fitness.

Contact me to learn more!